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A peer learning community of energy utilities executives and experts exchanging knowledge to address the industry’s main challenges

IEC’s Global Working Groups

The Professional Working Groups serve as a collaborative platform for energy utilities professionals, facilitating the sharing of insights and collective problem-solving. This dynamic environment fosters direct value, providing participants with immediate benefits and establishing a solid foundation for broader collaborations. With dedicated coordinators and access to external experts, these working groups ensure high-caliber knowledge and expert support. Moreover, engaging in these groups offers professionals the opportunity to build a global network, connecting with like-minded executives in the evolving electricity sector. To learn more and to become a part of this collaborative journey, contact: [email protected]


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Ensuring Effective Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance for Power Utilities in a Fast-Changing World
By Elad Shaviv, Head of Business Development Unit, IEC - Israel Electric Corporation

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Dynamic Innovators: 2023 Connected Plant ‘Game Changers’

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