New Challenges for Electricity Security

The electricity industry is undergoing significant transformations which for the first time in decades, have introduced new challenges to the security of electricity. These transformations are driven by the integration of multiple actors, new technologies, geopolitical instabilities, and the ongoing shift towards digitalization, decentralization, electrification, and decarbonization.
This is further challenged by a wide range of growing reliability threats such as extreme weather events and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.
With these challenging conditions, adopting a new approach to electricity security is imperative.


electricity security 360

360° Electricity
Security Concept

IEC has leveraged its field-proven experience to develop a 360° Electricity Security Concept, a comprehensive approach that addresses the electrical, digital (cyber), and physical threats and their interconnected vulnerabilities across all aspects of the electricity system.
This approach allows for a converged electricity security where each aspect is correlated with the other.

Strategic Planning

By transitioning from a fragmented, component-based approach to a systematic approach, organizations can engage in dynamic and proactive strategic planning, instead of operating reactively and remaining static.


Comprehensive Electricity Security Assessment

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